Broker Outsourcing Platform

GBS has created an outsourcing platform for Agencies that do not want to spend the time or financial resources to sell or service employee benefits in the small group marketspace. In partnering with the GBS Broker Outsourcing platform, GBS will become your support with quoting, selling and servicing your clients.

The Broker Outsourcing platform has two primary models:

  1. Large Agencies that outsource small group because it's not their target market
  2. P&C Agencies or Financial Advisors where group benefits are not their core competencies

GBS has been in the benefit business since 1980. We have improved our resources, technology and service to help brokers attract and retain their clients. If you would like to hear more about our Broker Outsourcing platform, please contact us at

Broker Outsourcing Services

  • Quoting & Comparisons
  • Point of Sale Expertise
  • Renewal Analysis & Support
  • Implementation Support
  • Client Communication
  • Co-Branded Benefit Kits
  • ACA Compliance
  • In-House Licensed Customer Service
  • Benefit Advocacy