What do I do to register to quote on the online portal?

There are two ways to register to quote on the online portal.
1. Go to www.gbshealthcare.net and click on “New User” at the top under the username and password boxes.
2. Go to www.gbshealthcare.net and click quoting tool. From that page, click the “New User” button

You will need to complete the registration form and upload the following items:
1. Current E&O
2. Licenses for states that you want to quote in
3. W-9

You will need a recruiter code, please ask the person that referred you to the site what their code is.

How long does it take to be receive my username and password?

After you register, our compliance team will review the documents and give you access to the portal. You will receive an
email from Marketing@gbshealthcare.net with a link to set up your username and password.

This process can take up to 24 hours

What information do I need for a group in order to quote?

You will need the following information: 

  • Group Name
  • Effective Date
  • City, State and Zip
  • SIC Code
  • Census
What group size can be quoted?

You can quote groups that have a minimum of 5 lives. The largest group you can quote on the online system is 175 lives. If
you have a group with more than 175 lives, please send to underwriting@gbsio.net.

How do I complete the census?

There are two ways to add the census information:

1. Download the census template, complete the required fields and upload
2. Manually type the census data in

Is there a specific format I need to use to upload the census?

We have a template that you can download. It includes a key code that describes how the data needs to be entered.

Example: if the group sends you a census and the gender data says Male or Female; you will need to change that to an M or an F. This can easily be done with a “Find and Replace” function in excel.

How long does it take to receive the quote?

Our online quoting portal gives you instant access to the quotes. It takes about 30 seconds for the quote to generate in a PDF.

Do I have the ability to go back and see the quotes that I have previously ran?

The online quoting portal acts as a database so you can see all of the quotes you have generated. If you have quoted a
group multiple times, it keeps track of that with a date and time stamp.

You can go back in to any group and see how many times you quoted the group.

You will have the ability to see what the status of any quote is:

1. Pending = Quoted
2. Underwriting = Went through the HERO system
3. SOLD = Went through Underwriting and the group wants to move forward
4. DTQ=Went through Underwriting and the group was not favorable
5. Closed=Group didn’t go past initial quote